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Behind the initiative

The initiative is a global climate project.

As the CO2 emissions crosses borders, we are pleased to have participating websites from all continents.

We have received funding for the launch of the climate initiative from the Danish State among others (before the United Nations COP15 climate summit).

The Supervisory board behind the initiative:

CO2 neutral website

The Supervisory Board consists of Morten Nielsen (initiator), Niels Dupont (Director at Windenergy Danmark), Gert Zimmer (on behalf of Oestjysk Innovation and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) and Lars Ribe (scientist at Aarhus University Hospital). 

Helping out with the initiative:


Erik Sommer                   Freddy Linares
Europe                           South America


Xin Guo                           Trisha Kana
China                              North America


Vinesh Sinha                 Alexandra Karlsdotter-Stenström 
Asia                               Sweden


Niiles Airola                  

We are always looking for people all over the world, who want to help growing the initiative. Please contact us here, if you have time to contribute  - thanks.

Movie about the initiative

Audit on our CO2 reductions 


About the initiative

The target of the initiative is to increase the recognition of CO2 reductions being important. The more companies putting the icon ”CO2 neutral website” on their website, the better. Because it markets that CO2 neutrality is a good cause. Concurrently, the initiative creates a good and direct result on its own by removing CO2 emission from the Internet. We make the requirement of the participants that they are to neutralise the use of their website 100%. We do not believe in ”semi-green” solutions in this area as we must be able to communicate clearly to obtain reliable recognition.

What started the initiative was the news of the use of the Internet and information technology now having exceeded the air transport as CO2 offender.

It is important to emphasise that we are in no way opponents to the Internet. On the contrary.

The Internet in many ways is a good climate account compared to the alternative. Without the Internet, companies were to submit information by mail to their customers. This is a gigantic cost in terms of CO2 by first producing a truckload of paper, printing a lot of pages and then distributing to the recipients.

But the use of the Internet is increasing – and it consumes more and more power. This has a consequence in the form of increased CO2 emission (again; the alternative would be worse).

The object of this voluntary climate project is to enable companies to neutralise the CO2 emission incurred by the use of their website.

We know that this initiative will not be a central element in the efforts of a company in the environmental area.

We consider it one of many steps which will help combined. And this is exactly the point; the climate efforts are to be made in many areas.

Nor is it our intention to reallocate the companies' resources for climate efforts on other areas to this initiative. On the contrary, this initiative is a supplement to the other activities of the companies. The reason is that companies may earn more ”climate value” for money in larger projects or projects they can handle on their own.

The typical response is that the participants find the money for this initiative on the marketing account. The marketing value of CO2 neutralising the use of the enterprise’s website is often much higher than the marketing value of, for instance, an ad in the yellow pages.

We hope to be able to allocate funds from marketing channels with a negative climate strain to this initiative.  

We spend a lot of resources on building reliability, audits and visibility into this initiative. It has a cost for the participants, but we have wanted to ensure that the participants become entirely CO2 neutral on the websites. Thereby, this gives our trademark-protected icon ”CO2 neutral website” value to all participating websites. 

Now the initiative has been taken and the support and receipt have been very positive. We are very pleased with this. The next target for us is to make the initiative large-scale by increased support. It will enable us to lower the costs of the participants even further and increase the positive climate impact we create.