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Enhance your brand with a sustainable website

A CO2-neutral website provides you with a more sustainable brand. We enable the green transition for you and make sure that you and your online visitors can enjoy a green conscience.

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We reduce global CO2 for you

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CO2 Neutral Website

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Give your users a green online conscience!

When you participate in the CO2 Neutral Website, you not only enhance your own sustainability profile. You also make it more attractive for your users to choose your website over others. Users prefer CO2-neutral websites.

The internet is a climate sinner

How we CO2 neutralise your website?

As a member of CO2 Neutral Website you pay a standard fee for the carbon emissions of your websites - including the traffic of your users. Through your membership contribution, financing our global projects, you are neutralising your carbon emissions. The projects are Gold Standard initiatives such as contributing to renewable energy sources around the world.

We participate only in Gold Standard projects that meet the harsh demands of UN-accredited auditors. Gold Standard for the Global Goals certify high-quality projects within project design, efficiency, governance and documentation.

What do you get?

Enhance your sustainable brand

Invest in sustainable and CO2-reducing projects without needing the expertise. The well-known green icon on your website benefits your marketing and gives you a visible CSR profile.

Neutralise your CO2 emissions
Make a climate-friendly difference online
Get a trustworthy, CO2-neutral certificate
Get linked to your website, improve search rankings
Enhance your climate-friendly brand

We do our job - and Deloitte is keeping an eye on us

Deloitte conducts ongoing audits of our CO2-accounts. They show that our projects and investments on average compensate 200% of our members’ emissions.

More than 25,000 times, we have CO2 neutralized websites through our initiative

It makes a huge difference when that many choose to neutralise their CO2 emissions through us. And we keep growing our base.

Your way to becoming more sustainable

Enhance your brand and make a difference!

CO2 Neutral Website

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