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Our Projects

We only participate in Gold Standard projects. This means few but high-quality projects with a high level of carbon neutralisation. Learn more below.

Gold Standard verification

To achieve the highest possible CO2 reduction, we invest only in few but highly efficient projects which are exclusively  Gold Standard-certified. This means they are verified by UN-accredited auditors upholding high demands for design, efficiency, governance and reporting.

Social development can reduce CO2-emissisons

Some of our investments have a high yield for the environment, others have high significance for the local population. These are two sides of the same coin. We can make a weighty difference in the carbon balance sheet by increasing the quality of life while reducing the use of fossil fuels.

Solar energy project - India

India has ambitious plans for the green transition, and as the average living standards in India improve, it is crucial for the green transition to keep pace. Therefore, and due to other benefits, that you can learn more about here, we have chosen to participate in the solar project in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Water projects in Africa

If you only have access to dirty water, you need to boil it to make it drinkable. The heating of water causes air pollution and emits CO2. For that reason, we help minimise the emissions of CO2 by giving people in small towns in Uganda, Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone access to clean water.

Wind projects in Turkey and India

In Turkey and India, the wind turbines are running at full speed. This helps reduce CO2 globally, and not only because of the green power they produce, but also because Turkey and India is not part of the carbon emission trading. This might sound a bit technical, but we are actually minimising carbon emissions in countries that don’t trade carbon emissions.

New Sustainable Energy Sources

Wind and water projects are profitable investments in terms of CO2 reductions because it’s easy to measure the amount of green energy the facilities produce. We want to contribute to the global energy transition, and these projects play an important part of that effort.

Stove projects in Africa

In the stove project in Kenya, families were allowed to volunteer for a more energy efficient stove. These stoves require much less fuel because they are better insulated. At the same time, they minimise the emission of smoke.

European CO2 quotas

For a short period, we were engaged in purchasing and cancelling European permits to emit carbon dioxide. At that time there was a significant political support to do that, and the impact on the global CO2 emission was tangible. If the prices of CO2 permits rise again, then we will reconsider this project.

Rainforest projects

The rainforests are, as they say, the lungs of the world. The more rainforest, the less carbon emission. This is why minimising deforestation is a profitable investment in terms of CO2 reduction. We are continuously investigating which Redd+ projects are open for us to invest in.

We do our job - and BDO is keeping an eye on us

BDO conducts ongoing audits of our CO2-accounts. They show that our projects and investments on average compensate 200% of our members’ emissions.

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