Behind the initiative

The initiative is a global climate project.

As the CO2 emissions cross borders, we are pleased to have participating websites from all continents.

We have received funding for the launch of the climate initiative from the Danish State among others (before the United Nations COP15 climate summit).

The Supervisory Board consists of Morten Nielsen, Niels Dupont (Director at Windenergy Denmark), Gert Zimmer (on behalf of Oestjysk Innovation and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) and Lars Ribe (scientist at Aarhus University).

Incuba Science-Park (at the University), Aarhus, Denmark

Registration no. DK 32 07 50 53

You can contact us with questions and ideas by filling out the form below. As the budget of the initiative is limited, we are unfortunately not able to respond to telephone inquiries. However, we do aim at responding to all emails within 24 hours (weekends may be excepted).

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Erik Sommer, initiator

Status, 2019


Firstly, let me express our gratitude to all the friendly companies that are helping us grow this project!

We are also thrilled to hear that our members are boosting their brand and visitor loyalty when putting our green icon “CO2 neutral website” on their website.

The purpose of our initiative is to increase the recognition of CO2 reductions being important. What pleases me the most, however, is the fact that our project delivers direct result on its own. We reduce CO2 emissions and we improve quality of life for families in developing countries.

3 years ago, we started out after hearing that the Internet and information technology had exceeded air transport as
CO2 emitter. Today more than 2,500 companies globally let us reduce CO2 emissions matching the emissions from their website.

We know this initiative will not be a central element in the efforts of a company in terms of their corporate social responsibility. It is not our intention to reallocate the companies' resources for climate efforts on other areas to this initiative. The reason for this is that companies may earn more “climate value for money” in larger projects or projects they can handle on their own.

But we often hear from our participants that they find money for this initiative on their marketing budget. The marketing value of joining this initiative is often much higher than an ad in the yellow pages or traditional media.

Lastly, please allow me to direct your attention to our latest actions:

  • We build energy efficient stoves for families in Africa reducing CO2 emissions as much less trees are logged to open fire cooking. It also creates local jobs and creates a healthier life, as the smoke from open fire cooking is dangerous. Certified and audited through the Gold Standard.
  • We build boreholes for clean water instead of families boiling water. This also improves quality of life – and reduces CO2. Certified and audited through the Gold Standard.
  • We build new, renewable energy sources. So far we are involved in several windmill parks - with more to come.
  • We help protect rainforest from devastating deforestation. Certified and audited through the Redd+.
  • We help companies reduce their climate impact through energy efficiency.
All the best