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How to make your website CO2 neutral

With a CO2 Neutral Website certification you compensate the total CO2 emission caused by the operation of your website.

Based on the number of page views, we can calculate how much CO2 your website emits

When signing up for CO2 Neutral Website you pay for your website’s average number of visitors per month. We calculate the fee based on:

  • Average consumption for hosting
  • Number of visitors and their behaviour

We invest in climate projects and neutralise your CO2 emission

Your membership helps us in our effort to neutralise CO2 globally. We invest in comprehensive, long-term projects to minimise CO2 emissions and establish sustainable facilities, such as wind and solar energy plants.

With a small contribution, you can make a huge difference and at the same time strengthen your CSR profile.

Enhance your brand with a trustworthy certification

We strive to make it an effortless process for you to obtain a certified CO2-neutral website. You can place the easily recognisable green icon on your website, displaying a trustworthy climate-friendly brand, and achieve a stronger emotional attachment to your company among your target group.

CO2 Neutral Website

Users prefer CO2 neutral pages!

When you are part of CO2 Neutral Website, you not only strengthen your own sustainable profile. You also make it attractive for your users to choose your website over others.
Users prefer CO2-neutral websites.

Your way to becoming more sustainable

Enhance your brand and make a difference!

CO2 Neutral Website


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