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Stove projects in Africa

Our project in Kenya provides energy efficient stoves to voluntarily participating families.

Reduced heat loss and fewer deaths

Many African families cook their food over open fire which usually takes place in the cabins where they live. This is problematic for several reasons. The biggest problem is deaths caused by smoke poisoning in the cabins. Secondly, the fires require a lot of wood because the fires are open and not insulated at all.

Insulated stoves reduce CO2 emissions

We set up energy efficient stoves in several places in Kenya at families who volunteer in this project. The stoves limit the wood consumption and at the same time the emission of smoke. For the stove projects we use local labour which result in more gains than just CO2 reduction.

Controlled by Gold Standard

The projects are conducted in collaboration with CO2 Balance and are listed in the Gold Standard register. UN-accredited auditors continuously perform sample tests that are being approved with no remarks.

We spread out investments to ensure CO2 reduction

Every time and again there is some debate about the profitability of projects like the stove projects. Are the stoves being used at all? As an investor in climate projects, we are always careful not to include the full CO2 reduction of the project into our calculations because there will always be a certain margin of insecurity. We think that the social effects are also important, and we always make sure not to be dependent on the complete realisation of the project’s potential CO2 reduction.

Why Africa?

To achieve measurable reduction of CO2 emissions, we invest in projects in countries that are not participating in CO2 permit trading. This means that they are not already submitted to restrict CO2 emissions which is why we can make a large impact here - socially as well as environmentally. Our goal is to engage in even more water drilling projects as they become Gold Standard certified.

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