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Water drilling projects

in Africa

We engage in projects that give people in villages access to clean water. This way, they don’t need to boil dirty water and therefore emit CO2 to make it safe to drink.

By means of drilling technology, we secure clean water for families who therefore don’t have to boil water to make it safe to drink.

Clean drink water result in cleaner air

In many places in Africa, people don’t have access to clean drink water. Unfortunately, many therefore drink the water as it is, thus endangering their health. Others boil the water to purify it. This is time consuming, particularly for the women whose job it is to provide water, and it takes a lot of wood to boil enough water for a family. Therefore we can reduce CO2 emissions by securing clean drinking water directly from wells in the local area.

We work together with experts

We create water drilling projects in Zimbabwe, Uganda and Sierra Leone, and our project is listed in the worldwide Gold Standard register. We choose partners with local expertise within the different projects because we actually invest in CO2 reductions and not in travel and research.

Why Africa?

To achieve measurable reduction of CO2 emissions, we invest in projects in countries that are not participating in CO2 permit trading. This means that they are not already submitted to restrict CO2 emissions which is why we can make a large impact here - socially as well as environmentally. Our goal is to engage in even more water drilling projects as they become Gold Standard certified.

Below are links to the projects we have participated in:

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